When the main power outage (PLN), the electricity supply required reserves and the conditions of the Generator-Set is expected to supply power mainly to priority loads. Generator can be used as a power backup system or “off-grid” (which depends on the resource needs of the user). Generators are often used by hospitals and industries that require the resources of a firm and reliable (high level of supply reliability), and also for rural areas that do not have access to commercially supplied electricity through the existing distribution network PLN.


Generator is a device that works mechanically, so it is probable wear and damage. Therefore, the generator needs supervision and care on a regular basis so that we can detect early damage. We also provide audit and overhaul the generator


Installation of a generator depends on the purpose and how much power is needed, therefore, necessary calculation and survey of placement and type of generator. Besides the installation of a generator made ​​by people who are experts in their field. A regular inspection cycle should be set based on visual inspection and experience. Frequency of cleaning will vary with ambient conditions of each installation. However, we recommend that the lamp and air filter cleaned at least once every three months.