About Our Company

Karunia indah has established it self as a service company dedicated in telecommunications business through the best Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Founded in 1996, we had been pointed to provide site preparation, installation and maintenance by the one of the largest satellite communication provider in Indonesia – for totally more than 200 sites in East Indonesia area.

This services are still our main business up today and the coverage areas are expanding to the Middle Java and National coverage area. The remote sites are increase for more than 400 sites in various systems.

Our dedication to provide the best solution in telecommunication business keep us doing product knowledge and technical aspects to achieve better Service Level Agreement.

In early 2012, our company launched a new mission to fill this year with the innovations and achievements.

  • Improve company performance and professionalism through the revitalization of the organization
  • Implementing ISO 9001:2008 and the IT system as a work activity centers and data
  • Perform continuous quality improvement of human resources
  • Multiply the new principal in the field of electrical and telecommunications
  • Expand and manage new work areas
Become a professional electrical and regional scale telecommunications company that reliable so as to provide added value for customers, community and nation.

Our Clients